Ice Cream Sandwiches

Even though we're still in the throes of summer here, I found a personal beacon of hope today.

I did not want to die on my run.

It takes a serious amount of will power to lace up running shoes and head out for a run during the summer. On the few days a week when I'm able to muster up the gall to face the blazing rays, my run normally ends with me stumbling into my apartment and lying under the air conditioning vent in my living room for an embarrassing amount of time.

But today was a turning point. The air feels different. Normally the breeze feels like someone is opening the door to a hot sauna in your face, but today it felt more like when you walk into a bathroom after someone took a shower.

Not great, but better.

Gin and Squirt

Have you ever experienced that moment when a phrase or reference that you believed was commonly used and understood is greeted with a quizzical look and the response, "Uh, what?"

It's happened to me a lot.

One that stands out to me was when I was doing a lot of business travel last year. I traveled with a lot of other people who also traveled a lot, and it wasn't uncommon that people would be upgraded to first class. 

One groggy Thursday night I was standing at a gate with a coworker and I asked, "So, are you flying Fat Boy?"

My coworker was speechless, lobbing a slightly offended stare in my direction.

"First class. Were you upgraded to first class?" I clarified, trying to backtrack on what he construed as a dig about the weight he had put on while traveling for business and dining with an expense account. 

Sucking in his gut and readjusting his pants, he said, "Yeah, I got upgraded. What did you call it? 'Fat Boy'?"

Yes. I called it "Fat Boy". For years my dad has referred to first class as "Fat Boy". I've since learned that my uncle called it that once and it just stuck, but it never occurred to me that it wasn't a common phrase.

Spicy Spinach Pasta

Everyone should have a go-to recipe.

You should have a go-to recipe because there's going to be a situation when you're going to need to cook dinner for someone. Take-out is not an option, you don't have a lot of prep time and you definitely don't want to play around with a new recipe.

Let's just call this situation "Monday Night". That certain someone is yourself.

I love making dinner, but there are certain nights when I get home that I can't bear the thought of cooking for an hour before I actually get to eat something. At this point in the day I'm normally running on fumes and harnessing all of my self-control to not just call it a day and eat chips and guac for dinner.

Those days I'll either eat eggs and toast for dinner or this beauty.