leisure dives

My family is borderline obsessed with the Yahoo! homepage. Not a day goes by in which someone doesn't say, "Did you see on Yahoo! this morning...?". Invariably, my dad makes some comment about a past TV star and why he hated his "python pants", someone sends me a link about the worst restaurant meals in America, or that my brother is surrounded by the most expensive places to live.

Bam! Pow! Kaboom!
In keeping with this tradition, I wanted to share the Yahoo! homepage article that made me smile, because, well, it's just funny.

I appreciated the thought and choreography that must have gone into this one.
As the summer is winding down, I hope that you can corral a friend or two and find the local swimming hole and do some leisure diving. Ideally, you could also round up some thrift store blazers and ties for a wonderfully preppy display of leisure diving. I mean, I don't want you going out and ruining your finest Brooks Brothers sport coat. That would be devastating. And not at all in keeping with the leisure diving philosophy.

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