Sharing the Love

I just got this e-mail from my sister. I don't think she realized how much I needed it.

Hi I miss you.
Finals week is a lot less fun when the following things don't occur:
1. Ugly face game across the basement. The girl at the booth opposite me now thinks I'm really weird.
2. You bringing bagels, wheat thins, wheat thin cheese, and coffee to the library.
3. You having Chinese food at your apartment and inviting us over.
4. You making biscotti and bringing it to the library (Mom sent me some though, that was a nice alternative).
5. Sharing a booth with you.
6. Saving my spot when i go eat.

I understand that two thirds of those were you providing food for me or allowing me to eat. I appreciate all the other things you do too, but I'm really very hungry right now.


Thanks Squish. If you would like to predict any hunger or baked good cravings you may have, I'm happy get that going and feed you when I see you in two weeks! Good luck with finals! 

Here's an ugly face that I would make at you if I were, in fact, studying for finals right now:

Yep. That's out there. I look good studying for finals.
Speaking of sharing the love, Matt is really into "presents for no reasons" right now. I am not complaining. I tweeted about the flowers, right?

Well, when I saw him last weekend, he also brought me this sweet "food quarterly" called Lucky Peach.

It's published by McSweeney's and is a product of the creative genius of chef David Chang and writer Peter Meehan. 

If you're at all interested in the intersection of food and writing, this is where it's at. The article that won me over was Chang's ode to the Chesapeake Bay blue crab, and his all-too-familiar reminiscing about diving into a pile of crabs in the middle of a newspaper covered table, with a proportionately huge pile of Old Bay and a beer on the side. 

A subscription is a mere $28. Have a food-loving dad you haven't gotten a gift for or a snarky sister who hates anything mainstream? I'm pretty sure either one of them would dig this.

I just knocked out some serious Christmas shopping, but I'm still waiting for a few nuggets of inspiration. Have you had a sweet gift idea or are you really excited about a gift you're going to give? Share the love! Let us know! 

But try to keep it a secret from the person receiving this swell gift. It's really hard to fake being surprised. 

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  1. That face would not win the ugly face game. Not nearly ugly enough.