Thanks and Thursdays

Thursday is a great day to give thanks, mostly because I'm thankful for alliteration.

I've given thanks on Thursdays before, but I just wanted to share this clip with you because when Louis C.K. gives thanks, it's way funnier than when I do it. He also hits on some very familiar issues, like in-flight internet and balky smartphones.

Louis C.K. just came out with a new special and he's selling it independently for $5.

Totally thankful for the belly laughs I'm expecting while watching it.

And one more thing to try out soon if you love sweet potato fries as much as I do:

sweet potatoes + cornstarch + olive oil = crispy baked sweet potato fries.
Never suffer from soggy, limp baked sweet potato fries again. I seasoned mine with some chili powder and some salt and pepper and they were outrageously good. They were an accompaniment to Jenna's spicy black bean burgers the past two nights for dinner. All I can say is yum. And thanks. Duh.

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  1. that clip is fantastic.

    "You're sitting in a chair IN THE SKY!"

    well done manfred.