Snowy Sneaks, Chilly Cheeks

Finally! It's here! What everyone's been warning me about since last March when I decided to move to Wisconsin!

SNOW. In all of it's glittery, powdery, fluffy glory.

And you know what my absolute favorite thing to do in the snow is?


Yup. For our first snow on Thursday, I got home and couldn't wait to put on two pairs of pants,  zip up my neon green reflective vest, and lace up my sneaks.

Sledding? Meh. Skiing? Maybe if it wasn't so money and time intensive. Or if I knew how to do it.

I've only been skiing once, and it is seared into my mind as the day an Austrian man named Lucas yelled my name as I bombed down the hill after I was supposed to be learning how to turn.

"Kaaaatiieeeeee!!!! Do da weeeddgeeeee!!!"

It was awesome.

Maybe I haven't done it since since I don't want to tarnish that memory. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a fifteen year old on skiis who doesn't grasp the concept of stopping.

So yeah, I've decided to stick to sneakers.

Black ice on paths can totally provide a comparable adrenaline rush.

Some people say they can't breathe while they run when the air is freezing. Some people say that they can't feel their legs after a while because the cold makes them numb.

For me, that cold air makes my lungs feel twice as big and the biting wind that blows off of the lake and smacks my cheeks just makes me want to run faster.

The faster I run the warmer I'll be.

And yes, that wind smacks both sets of cheeks. I know I'm really chugging when I can finally feel my butt again.

TMI? Maybe.

I've said it before - running in the elements makes me feel like a total badass. Pelting rain, swirling snow, something about the extra challenge makes me a little giddy.

There are also very few instances in my life when I feel like a badass. It's hard to be a badass when you do yoga, implement software, and don't eat meat.

I'm just taking advantage of a rare opportunity to be a self-proclaimed badass when I get to run in a snow storm.

Possible my favorite thing about winter running is the special runner's camaraderie between the few badasses that brave those elements. It's a different kind of courtesy wave when you have to decipher it from behind a whirling cloud of snow. And more often than not, that wave is accompanied by a small smile that says, "I'm totally digging that you're as nuts as I am right now."

That's the best smile a winter runner can get.

So next time the winter weather advisories start scrolling on the bottom of the TV, instead of putting on your fuzzy slippers, put on your sneakers. The warm shower you take when you get back will be that much sweeter.

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